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The Devil's Breath (2013)

An Eddie DeSilva Mystery 
  In the third in a series of murder mysteries, Eddie DeSilva, San Diego’s Portuguese-American ex-chief of police takes on a “cold case” that turns out to be anything but cold. In the height of the dangerous fire season, with the Santa Ana winds—the devil’s breath—blowing hot, a serial arsonist is spinning out of control, setting multiple fires in San Diego’s back country. When three firefighters die in a raging wildfire, DeSilva forms his own team to locate and bring to justice an elusive and intelligent sociopath. Buy it now on line or directly from the author.
Available as an eBook from Xlibris or Amazon:$3.99 
READ AWARD WINNING Crossing Borders (2010)    Sailing back to San Diego after six months in Baja, Eddie DeSilva is caught in a storm and saved from almost certain death by a stowaway who is wanted by the San Diego police for murdering his wife. With the aid of psychologist and Enneagram practitioner Pauline Graham, DeSilva tries to prove his rescuer’s innocence in a story that explores the plight of illegal immigrants drawn to live and work in America’s Finest City. (1st Place, Genre Fiction, 2011 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards; 1st Place, 2009 San Diego Book Awards as an unpublished manuscript. 2nd Place, Reader Views, Best Mystery, 2011; Finalist, Best Mystery, 2010 San Diego Book Awards) Both available as an eBook from Xlibris or Amazon:$3.99
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