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Let’s skip the first twenty years. And skim over the next twenty-six.

I was formally educated at U.C. Berkeley and then went on to get my law degree at Boalt Hall. My real education came from marrying my wife while in college and continues to this day.  I practiced law for twenty-six years, the last seventeen as the head of the business litigation department of a Los Angles law firm. I’d probably still be there if my wife hadn’t announced she was going to walk across the United States for nine months with an ecological group and that I could either come with her, or we’d “visit” each other. Three pair of shoes later I began. . .


Twice a year I charter sailboats (40 to 50 foot monohulls and catamarans) and sail in some exotic locations—the Caribbean, South Pacific and Mediterranean. My love of the water and passion for sailing has inspired some scenes in my novels, and will continue to do so.

Before walklng out the door I started taking writing courses at UCLA  and quickly fell in love—again. (I really did love being a lawyer.) It was a natural transition to go from writing legal briefs to writing fiction. Some cynics would say there is no difference. I’ve continued to study writing, but have learned the most from reading other writers and working with Dave King, a professional who has edited all my novels.
After the riots hit Southern California in 1992, I spent eighteen months as the pro bono Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Los Angeles. About the same time I took up sailing, and in 1996 we moved to Cardiff-by-the-Sea, thirty miles north of San Diego, where I took on the mantle of the “Cardiff Scribe.”

Today, when not writing, my typical week looks like this: Helping victims of domestic violence get restraining orders (Monday), jamming on my ukulele with a hundred or so other obsessed members of the Moonlight Beach Ukulele Strummers (Wednesday), and sailing with my buddies in San Diego bay. (Thursdays).
Oh, yes, since my wife quit cooking seventeen years ago,  I cook.
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