Books by Richard Hicks
Slender Fantasies                          
When Ralph Plotkin, an ambulance-chasing lawyer who borrowed from the Korean Mafia to pay his gambling debts, encounters Iris Labelle, an acknowledged bulimic, at a posh Hollywood party, Iris speculates her eating disorder my be linked to collecting the Bobbie Doll—an androgynous, flat-chested, counter-culture doll. Ralph sees a way out his financial dilemma: He’ll sue the doll manufacturer for causing young women to become anorexic or bulimic. A fast-paced legal satire. (Writer’s Digest Award Winner)

Mike Stratton, a disbarred attorneywakes up in jail in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, his boyhood hometown, suffering from amnesia and charged with the rape and murder of Diane Lawson, a high school girlfriend, whose half-naked body was found in his Winnebago at a local campground. With C. J. Hagerty, a feisty and eccentric female attorney appointed to defend him, Stratton, sets out to discover if he, or someone else, killed Diane Lawson. A tightly crafted murder mystery and courtroom drama. (Finalist: Best Mystery, 2007 San Diego Book Awards; First Runner-Up, Best Commercial Fiction & Grand Prize Short List, 2009 Eric Hoffer Book Awards)


Sally Arnstein, managing editor of ZING, a hip woman’s magazine recently sold to an Australian media mogul, desperately wants to be promoted to editor-in-chief. Bette Johnson—just paroled from an upstate New York prison where she was incarcerated for “medical terrorism”— wants a forum to publicize her messianic message on the dangers of cosmetic surgery. And Arkady Zarcata, a Manhattan plastic surgeon, has turned to life coach, Roger Rogers, for advice on how to increase the revenue of his under-achieving medical practice. A zany satire, where obsessive worlds collide. (Finalist, 2009 Eric Hoffer Book Awards)
The Alpha Wolf Conspiracy                             

Joe Kramer is a young attorney with something to prove. After being pushed out of a prestigious Los Angeles law firm, Kramer is pitted against his former boss in a high-stakes, no-holds-barred antitrust suit. Superstar lawyers, megalomaniac business moguls, a former hooker-con-artist, and an aging mafia chieftain all play a part in this David and Goliath courtroom drama in which Kramer attempts to prove a price fixing conspiracy—the Alpha Wolf conspiracy—with smoke and mirrors…but without a smoking gun.
Murder By The Numbers—The Righteous ONE
When Eddie DeSilva, San Diego’s first Portuguese-American chief of police, is forced into retirement following an officer-involved shooting, he pairs up with  psychologist Pauline Graham to prove the innocence of a woman charged with the mercy-killing of her dying father.  A hospice nurse enamored with euthanasia, the murder victim’s trophy wife and a psychiatrist collaborating on his next book on the Enneagram—a psychological typing system—are among the suspects in this first in the Enneagram Mystery series.
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Crossing Borders                                             
Sailing back to San Diego after six months in Baja, Eddie DeSilva is caught in a storm and saved from almost certain death by a stowaway who is wanted by the San Diego police for murdering his wife. With the aid of psychologist and Enneagram practitioner Pauline Graham, DeSilva tries to prove his rescuer’s innocence in a story that explores the plight of illegal immigrants drawn to live and work in America’s Finest City. (1st Place, Genre Fiction, 2011 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards and 2009 San Diego Book Awards, as an unpublished manuscript.)

The Devil's Breath
Eddie DeSilva takes on a “cold case” that turns out to be anything but cold. In the height of the dangerous fire season, with the Santa Ana winds—the devilʼs breath—blowing hot, a serial arsonist is spinning out of control, setting multiple fires in SanDiegoʼs back country. When three firefighters die, DeSilva forms his own team to locateand bring to justice an elusive and intelligent sociopath.